View all styles live by appending ?presets=preset# or &presets=preset# to the end of your URL such as

In sequential order, Preset 1 - Preset 15. Please click on the image to load a live example of each style variation.

Preset 1 Preset 2 Preset 3 Preset 4 Preset 5

Preset 6 Preset 7 Preset 8 Preset 9 Preset 10

Preset 11 Preset 12 Preset 13 Preset 14 Preset 15

Creating your own Preset Style(s)

  • Go to Extensions → Template Manager → rt_camber_j15 → Settings
  • Configure the Settings
  • Click Save Custom Presets as New
  • Follow the Preset Saver procedure

You can edit the prebuilt presets in the gantry.config.php file, or use the User Interface method outlined above.

Preset Bottom B

Image Image